It´s The Final Countdown

DR is our flagship project. The Co-management Agreement was signed in 2018 with 3 Co-Management Companies (East, Centre and South) who will collectively manage almost 8000km2 of marine space.


In preparation for the loan from the Sustainable Ocean Fund (SOF), Althelia-Mirova, as well as project partners (FMO) and potential project partners (Conservation International) joined Bf in the Dominican Republic to carry out their due diligence, ensuring that their Environmental and Social requirements  in particular would be met. The team met with key members of the Co-Managers (Foundation Punta Cana & FUNDEMAR) individual marine stakeholders and the Vice Minister of Environment, among others.


With this hurdle cleared, we should be all set for the injection of the loan to the Co-Managers in the first quarter of 2019 followed by installation of the Managers of the MMAs, and development of the Marine Spatial and Management Plans.