Blue finance Partners

Blue finance’s activities are led by a strong consortium of partners.

On a global level, Blue finance works under the institutional umbrella of the United Nations. Other global partners include Althelia Ecosphere, Conservation Capital, Deloitte, Ropes&Gray and Vulcan.

In each country, the role of local partners is pivotal to success. They bring specific expertise re environmental activities, national laws and multi-stakeholder engagement. Throughout the process, an inclusive approach to stakeholder engagement is essential, and care is taken to ensure that there is compliance with national policies and that deployment of income for co-management is equitable, and subject to transparent and effective governance.

Activities are implemented under the coordination of the Government institution in charge of the selected MPAs.

Blue finance partners bring over a decade┬┤s experience in structuring more than US$220M of finance for over 75 collaborative managements and conservation projects across 26 countries.

Global partners

Our private sector partners



Regional partners