Blue finance Project Map

In collaboration with Governments and a strong coalition of local partners, Blue finance aims to improve the management of the following MPAs in the Caribbean, South-East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Each MPA project transitions through 3 phases before reaching active management and financial sustainability: 

Phase 1: Design

The ecological, legal, management and business frameworks specific to co-management and MPA financing are assessed. A draft collaborative management approach is conceptualised and submitted for consideration to the Government and local marine stakeholders.
A full business plan is prepared including costing of MPA activities and capital needs, as well as innovative revenue strategies.

Phase 2: Structuring 

A strategy to secure the most effective combination of finance types (grants, philanthropy, impact investment) is developed and blended finance solutions for the MPAs are designed. Fundraising activities with international and national stakeholders are held also. 
Once completed, approvals from Governments are sought to establish governance structures consistent with project design and in compliance with national laws.

Phase 3: Active Management

The collaborative management entity implements priority environmental activities, establishes revenue mechanisms, hires basic management staff and purchases basic equipment. The Marine Spatial Plan is also completed/updated.

Blue finance provides long term technical support to the company in order to improve both environmental management and entrepreneurial skills.