Managing Marine Protected Areas for marine biodiversity and local livelihoods

We are

A social enterprise

Managing for governments a federation of Marine Protected Areas, regenerating 1,000,000 ha of high-biodiversity coral reefs, protecting 40 endangered species and improving the livelihoods of >20,000 coastal community members.

We believe

A new model for marine conservation must emerge

One that challenges the status quo. We believe in business as a force for good — social enterprise built on sound entrepreneurial and sustainability principles to manage  Marine Protected Areas, conserve marine biodiversity and better the lives of local communities.

Our conservation model

Is founded on indispensable pillars

Adequate up-front and early stage working capital for the establishment of sustainable Marine Protected Areas; innovative co-management agreements between with government, well embedded local community partners and ourselves; progressive independence from donors by creating tangible revenue streams that are reinvested directly back into each Marine Protected Area; performance-oriented management focus on sustainable financing, conservation strategy execution and revenue development.

We work

In four fundamental fields of operation

Community development through employment, micro-enterprise development and empowerment; Wildlife monitoring and conservation through robust science; revenue stream development through sustainable eco-tourism, blue-carbon and responsible aquaculture; and compliance through patrolling, community engagement and awareness campaigns.





Our work is geared towards long term impacts - and we monitor them 

Our positive impact

Recovery of 1,000,000 ha of coral reef ecosystems and 300,000 ha of mangroves

Livelihood enhancement for 21,000 artisanal fishers & 120 sustainable enterprises created

Protection of 40 endangered species (including sharks, turtles & corals)

200 new job creations for our MPA rangers and management staff

Our conservation and social impact are overseen by people that understand nature and community

Our recent achievements

On-the-ground activities implemented in four Marine Protected Areas with >50 rangers, community officers and managers: wildlife conservation, compliance, revenue generation and community development

Blended finance facility set-up for the initial capital needs of the MPAs 

Five additional MPA projects are under preparation with the same rigorous standards

Innovative Public-Private Partnership concept developed with Governments for a balanced governance of the delegated management agreements.


Our sustainable development goals