Barbados – Talking Shop with Marine Stakeholders

Sector meetings have been held with the primary coastal stakeholders (Fishers, Divers, Watersports, Swimmers & Recreational Beach Users, Hoteliers, Sailors and Catamarans). This process, facilitated by several local NGOs, is one of the legal requirements for the BMMA to be designated officially.

The primary objective of these meetings was receive input from the marine stakeholders on what they wish to see in the BMMA and where (zonation), and validate how they would like to see the area managed. Most sectors were fully in favour of the BMMA, with Fishers expressing worries about their loss of fishing ground. Good discussions were held on existing issues and potential solutions.

Next step will be Inter-sectoral meeting, where the zonation plan will be developed and the management options finalised; in association with relevant Government agencies.

The CPUE monitoring programme (part of the monitoring of the performance of the BMMA and setting the stage for a potential Payment for Ecosystem Services) has begun, with identification of Fishers to participate.