Bf finds a perfect fit with the Caribbean Challenge Initiative and the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund

Bf attended the 4th Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) Annual Meeting & 1st Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) Council Meeting. September 19th – 24th, 2016, St. Lucia, at which 13 Caribbean countries were represented. Internal business and status reports were given, and the meeting also focused on finding solutions to achieving the CCI goals, which include sustainable financing.

Bf took part in Panel III, Sustainable Finance Mechanisms, which focused on case studies of national and regional sustainable finance mechanisms that are being designed and established in the region, and which could contribute to achieving the sustainable finance goal of the CCI (Goal 2) as well as the CBF match requirements. The panelists provided details on the steps taken to design and start implementing the mechanisms, as well as analyzing challenges and lessons learned.  In addition to Bf, presentations were given on conservation funds in Antigua and Jamaica, debt- conversions for Conservation and Adaptation and an income generating mechanism for yachters. Also of interest to Bf was the second panel: Engaging Private Sector and Civil Society, which looked at the links between tourism and conservation. The panelists addressed how tourism can be the source of impacts on conservation but also become an opportunity and key ally in advancing the conservation action agenda, including providing additional financial resources.

Bf was able to engage a number of CCI islands and plans are in place to explore the feasibility of the model in Antigua, The Bahamas and British Virgin Islands.  The first visit took place in Antigua in October 2016.