Bf joins the Commonwealth Blue Charter All-Champions Partners Day

Angie Brathwaite, co-founder and director for Wider Caribbean at Bue finance speaking during the Commonwealth Blue Charter All-Champions Partners Day. Flicker photo by Commonwealth Secretariat. CC BY-ND license

Blue finance’s Angie Brathwaite was one of the panelists for the Commonwealth Blue Charter  All-Champions Partners Day, which was held at London´s Science Museum on 20 June 2019 . 

The Blue Charter (, launched in 2018, is an agreement made by 53 Commonwealth countries to work together to solve ocean related issues. Different Action Groups, are led by “Champion” member countries on 9 priority issues

ranging from Clean Oceans to Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Blue Economy.

The aim of the Partner´s day was to introduce the champion countries to potential partners who could assist them in achieving their goals.

Bf took part in the panel under the same name (Blue finance) along with a Blue Investments Director (Simon Dent), Insurance Broker and Risk Management Specialist (Dan Fairweather) and an Economics Academic (Torsten Thiele).

There was much interest in this engaging topic by champion countries, not surprisingly led by the MPA Action group of Seychelles. Bf will continue to engage and work with interested Blue Charter countries and is happy to be a partner to the group.