Bluefutures: Films to Share Optimism for Marine Conservation

The creative side of the Bf team is on show in Bluefutures. We’re facilitating and contributing to this exciting project, of short videos and social media aimed at highlighting what is going right with ocean conservation. We expect that the audience (everyone) will receive increased motivation to support and become part of the change, in a positive atmosphere. The project will also share solid actions for conserving our marine environment, so that everyone, from the citizen to the conservationist can find answers to the question “what can we do?”.

The team comprises Ben and Clement (two friends who quit their jobs to travel around for year and find these solutions), Nicolas and Charlotte (film makers), Edgar (film producer) and Nicolas and Angie (Blue finance & marine scientists). A scientific committee will assist with providing the necessary expertise.

So far the team has already met many conservation “optimists” and “heroes” during the International Coral Reef Initiative Meeting (ICRI) held in Paris as well as during their visit to Martinique.

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