Public Consultation
Stakeholder meetings are progressing: several meetings have been held in Ste Luce to describe the objectives and scope of the Ste Luce Marine Managed Area to local stakeholders. The general public, fishers and tourism businesses were invited and interesting discussions on relevant topics (enforcement, water quality, implications for fishers, governance of the MMA, etc.) took place.

Legal Establishment
BF has financed a feasibility study on the legal establishment of the MMA within the context of the french regulations. The document outlines the potential for concessions for marine activities/infrastructure, which has to be further explored. The Central Government can concede a license to use part of its property (Territorial Seas/12 mile boundary) and this is done generally within a legislative framework on a long term basis (>15y). Uses have included the set-up of artificial reefs, restoration areas and renewable energy.