Our Marine Protected Area Projects


Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve

132,000 ha coral reefs

1,000 fisher households

Manatees, Sharks, Fish Spawning, Crocodiles, Corals, Mammals

One of the largest coral reef atolls in the Caribbean

Mandate signed in 2015 with Government


Tompotika & Banggai MPA Network

800,000 ha coral reefs

8,000 fisher households

Sharks, Fish Spawning, Corals

Mandate signed in 2021 with Provincial Government


North Oriental Mindoro MPAs

5,200 ha coral reefs

12,000 fisher households

Micro & macro fauna, Corals

Belong to a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Reported to have the highest concentration of marine species in the world

Mandate signed in 2020 with local Governments


North Pemba MPA

18,000 ha coral reefs

6,000 fisher households

Resilient corals, Fish spawning

Mandate signed in 2023 with Government and in 2019 with fish-right owners

In all cases, Government has delegated MPA management to local entities formed by a consortium of local conservation partners and Blue finance

The MPA Operators