Our Marine Protected Area Projects

"Photography is the art of freezing time... the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame."

Image Upload Zone

When uploading images, please take some time to consider the quality of the image. We are looking for images that are reasonable quality and better, i.e. not blurry, out of focus or shot in bad lighting conditions… unless the content is remarkable, e.g. a shark breaching, in which case a bit blurry is cool!

When taking pictures, always try to:

  • make sure the light source is behind you
  • take some time to compose the image (no heads cut off, etc)
  • hold your phone or camera as still as possible
  • consider the content, i.e. is it a topic of genuine interest within our organisation or a beautiful image we can use for marketing
  • File name: If you can, please change the file name to help identify what the image is about, e.g.
    • Turneffe_Calabash_Snorkel Trail_001, or
    • Philippines_San Teodoro_Monitoring_002,
    • etc …